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2020 Update: I reactivated this comic blog in this year of the pandemic after it being defunct for years - image hosting site went offline, pix were gone etc. It's interesting to look at these stories 7 to 13 years later.
I started the project in 2007 with Katharina Anna Helming and we self published a first book. We had both seen 'American Splendor' and were inspired by the movie's message that everyday mundane moments can be as interesting as the big dramatic stuff. 2008 I moved to Berlin where the stories were shown on the subway screens, with the last one being broadcast in 2013, and with 2 more books published. In the years after I was too busy putting on a comic festival and kinda forgot about the project.

When I read these stories now, quite a few make me cringe a little (as earlier projects often do) and make me think "self absorbed,
adolescent, sad and depressed emo man in the big city"  (ˆ ◒ ˆ ;)
At the same time: that's how I looked at things at that time. Plus it was an interesting exercise in style and storytelling with strict limitations (max 8 screens... only a certain amount of text in huge lettering, to be eligible on a screen that's meters away... having to photograph situations for stories, with the involved people, instead of just drawing it...). Plus photo comics are a niche in the already niche indie comics world, why not have some of this out there.
Looking back I definitely would have picked a less vague d-english project title (っˆ ◒ ˆς), but such is the way of time passing and looking at earlier decisions - "Hätte hätte, Fahrradkette", as we germans say.

Thank you for reading, feel free to reach out via the FB page, aaaand if YOU make comics and live in Berlin, check out Berliner Comic Fenster, a project for which am curating a series of comic stories shown on the subway (in a similar format as ye olde LIFESTRIPs stories) and every year it's possible to submit stories.

LIFESTRIPs ran on the subway screen broadcast 'Berliner Fenster' in Berlin once a week between 2008 and 2013. A selection of the broadcast stories can be read here. A big Thank You to to BF and to Fred who worked with me and gave me the opportunity to show these weird stories in such a public space. Also a huge Thanks to friends and partners who helped with photography and agreed to be in the stories.

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"...very recognisable sketches and slices of everyday life in a modern city. It’s (...) interesting to see that, although the strips are kept separate, certain constant themes seep through : love, work, purpose, they all form the meandering subtext of these apparently mundane situations."
The Ephemerist

"Lifestrips have evolved over time from a very inventive and intelligent journal in photocomic from into a series of poetic, imaginative and often surrealist vignettes."

Forbidden Planet